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Veracity CDR Call Details And Recordings

New Call Recording Platform

As of early May 2020, our call recording platform/portal is changing. For more information, please watch the following video or contact us at 801-379-3000.

Coming soon...

CDR Product Description

"Veracity CDR" (Call Details Reporting) is an easy way to navigate and use our call details reporting system as well as our call recording system. The basic package has four basic reports where customers can get call details in a web page format. The reports are also available in CSV or PDF format. Veracity CDR is also a venue for hosting our call recordings if a customer has purchased any call recording licenses. The advanced package adds three more very useful reports while the premium license has over 100 reports to choose from.

Reports can be run "on the fly" or they can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can receive these reports by FTP or email. You can specify different times each day to run a report which could be handy for generating scheduled shift reports. If you save any scheduled reports then our system will adjust the date range based upon your last use of that scheduled report. For example, if you schedule a weekly report for last week from Sunday through Saturday then our system will automatically adjust next week. Same for scheduled monthly reports.

Samples of some available reports include:

  • Call Details - call details, including date, time, call direction, and calling numbers
  • Call Totals - total number of calls
  • Extension Details - call details, including date, time, call direction, and calling numbers
  • Extension Totals - total number of calls by user extension
  • SearchCruncher
  • And much, much more

There are three package options available:

  1. Basic Package (includes access to call recordings & call details)
  2. Advanced Package
  3. Premium Package

For any questions, please contact Customer Support at (800) 213-1315 or (801) 379-3000.