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How to Create and Configure a New User

If you have extra/spare user licenses on your account, you can work with Veracity’s Customer support team to set them up; however, you can also set up a user on your own if you have access to our customer Web portal.

The Online Portal

You can log in to your account at If you don’t have a user/admin login, contact the administrator on your account to request access. Your administrator can contact Veracity’s support team to request new login credentials.

Note: If your user is setup for SSO, please click here.

User Licenses

Veracity offers two user licenses: Basic and Platinum. In addition, users can select from add-on services such as VCaaS and SMS. Determine if you have enough licenses before attempting to create a new user. If not, please call 801-379-3000 to request additional user licenses.

Requesting New Users

Requesting a new user is pretty straight forward. If you have multiple groups/locations you may need to choose a Group from the lefthand menu. If not, you can jump right in and select Manage Users, then select the Add Users tab.

Configuring User Details

After clicking Add Users, enter the first and last name of the user, add an email address, and select the appropriate user license from the Package pulldown box. Click Save to add your new user or select Add One More User to request additional users.


For any questions, please contact Customer Support at (800) 213-1315 or (801) 379-3000.