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SD-WAN Solution

Product Description

SD-WAN or "Software-Defined Wide Area Network" is a way for us to provide redundancy for data and voice services, QOS (Quality of Service) and inter-site connectivity and communication. It does this by creating IP Secure tunnels between endpoints and back to gateways that sit in our network.

Benefits of SD-WAN include:

  • Ease of deployment
  • Multi-carrier uplink (connect multiple Internet connections for redundancy)
  • Fast fail-over (when link drops, calls do not drop and fail over to redundant circuit)
  • Quality of Service and link monitoring

Here is a 12 minute video tour of our SD-WAN solution. There is a 23 minute version of much of the same material further down.

Here is the 12 minute version in WMV format.

Here is the 23 minute version. Here is the 23 minute version in WMV format.

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