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Poly/Polycom Phone Replacements

Is My Phone Eligible for Replacement?


If you’re having issues with your Poly (Polycom) device you may qualify for a replacement free of charge.

Poly offers replacement devices through its RMA (return merchandise authorization) program. This is a limited warranty that mostly covers manufacturer defects.

Before we can submit a request we must troubleshoot your device. Please contact our support team to get started.


Customer Support


(800) 213-1315



RMAs may take a few business days to be approved

RMA Requirements

Phone must be under warranty

  • Rental phones have a long-term limited warranty and are generally within warranty

  • Purchased phones have a one-year limited warranty

Damage must be due to a manufacturer defect

  • This may include hardware failure

  • If the returned device is found to be in working order or the damage is not covered by warranty you may be charged for the replacement



What Happens if the RMA Request is Approved?

If the request is approved, Poly will send you an email with more information. You will need this email so if you don’t receive it, please check your junk folder and call our customer support team if you still can’t find it.

Poly Will Ship You a New Phone

Now that Poly has authorized a replacement, they will send you a new phone via one of their shipping partners (usually FedEx or UPS). When you receive the replacement device, take it out of the box and contact our support team so we can walk you through setting it up.

Send Back the Defective Phone

  1. Pack the defective/unused product in the box that the replacement product arrived in.

  2. Please ensure the RMA and part number are clearly marked on the outside of the box. (You can find this information in the email from Poly).

  3. Please do not return defective items such as microphones, cables, or power supplies.

Where do I ship the phone?

Please refer to the instructions that Poly emailed you. Generally, the phones are returned to the following address:


Download the PDF Quick Guide for your Convenience

This PDF is for information purposes only. Please refer to the email from Poly for a full set of instructions

For any questions, please contact Customer Support at (800) 213-1315 or (801) 379-3000.